This is Right Handed Privilege


Right-handed privilege is having games on the computer that cater to right-handed people only. Though we have made advancements as far as having ambidextrous computer mouses and remappable buttons, certain games do not allow remapping of keys. For example, though you may have reversed your mouse buttons on your computer, the game overrides it to the default. Right handed privilege is not allowing your game to have remappable buttons to make it comfortable to those who can’t play the game the way right-handed people are used to. 

Right-handed privilege is not being expected to pay a significant amount of money to have a guitar customized for a left-handed person. We are expected to pay more because we are a minority in this case.

Apr 9

Right handed privilege is inadequate teaching being given to students. In one class, I was being taught calligraphy, but of course the instructions were catered to right-handed people. Since a lack of left-handed instructions were provided, the only solution was a “good luck” and to be left alone. Right handed privilege is being graded on the same scale as a right handed person, despite not having adequate tools to teach you the same skill for your dominant hand.

Apr 8

Right handed privilege is not having a typical response to one finding out you’re left handed being, “Oh, you poor thing…” as if being left-handed is somehow a negative thing that I was cursed with and need your pity for.

Right Handed Scissors


Aggh, those! They always hurt my hand, no matter what. And then usually when I was in school, the right handed kids would hog up the left-handed scissors, just like anything else they didn’t need (left-handed desks, for example). So frustrating..

Oh my God I don't think there is a blog I have loved more than this blog


Thank you! C: I’ll try and update it more.

The truth is I've always been jealous of left-handed people because they're more creative. (The left side is controlled by the right half of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking). As an aspiring artist, I feel like my creativity will never reach it's full potential because I'm right-handed.


Art is subjective. And drawing is a learnable skill that isn’t exclusive to lefties. I’m pretty sure you are a very creative person; it’s just that lefties tend to “naturally” tap into their left brain. But a right handed person can learn to get into that mindset as well. You may or may not have heard of this book, but maybe Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain can help you learn how to get into that natural talent. :3

Right Handed Privilege is Lefties being put on the same scale of writing as Right-Handers, and are expected to write like or the same quality as a Right-Handed person.

Man, what is hands even. Check your limb privilege.


We realize that not everyone is privileged enough to have hands, and we are thankful for our hand privilege. I shall add that I acknowledge my hand privilege for you, to prevent this error from occurring again. :)

Right Handed Privilege is having only one sole “Lefty” desk in your classroom being taken by someone that doesn’t need it, or being used by another left-handed person because we are not in high demand to supply desks for.